UK: Cargill launches sow programme

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UK: Cargill launches sow programme
UK: Cargill launches sow programme

Cargill is launching a new sow programme to help producers in the UK and Ireland optimise performance and improve productivity.

The Provimi Livelle programme, which can be tailored to individual sow systems, combines nutritional and technical recommendations for each phase of the animal’s productive cycle.

“The high performance sow requires specialist management and nutritional interventions from an early age in order to realise her production potential,” says Cargill’s Barry Hoare, Provimi technical application manager for pigs in the UK and Ireland.

“The Livelle programme and the areas of focus can vary from unit to unit depending on the current performance. Through the programme, we can work with customers to improve the areas that are impacting sow productivity and develop tailored nutritional programmes to ensure dietary requirements are met.”

The phases identified in the Provimi Livelle programme are:

• Weaning to oestrus

• Gestation

• Transition period and early lactation

• Late lactation

“Our aim is to maximise sow performance at each phase of her productive cycle,” adds Hoare. “Livelle is the first of its kind to provide producers with a total nutritional sow package that offers specialised dietary programmes and management advice for each phase.

“We will use Livelle to optimise the feeding strategies by tailoring it to fit sow needs based on farm-specific characteristics. It will therefore aim to improve sow fertility, reduce body condition variation and optimise sow milk yield which can boost piglet vitality.”

Through following the programme, advisers can combine high quality feed components, including speciality ingredients and additives, with specialised technical advice. The speciality feed ingredients and additives have been developed for highly productive sows at certain phases of their production cycle and are based on global research and development.

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