Transition feeding key at 2nd piglet livability webinar

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Transition feeding key at 2nd piglet livability webinar. Photo: Anne Salden
Transition feeding key at 2nd piglet livability webinar. Photo: Anne Salden

In the 2nd webinar of the Piglet Livability series, Pig Progress and Cargill Animal Nutrition will zoom in on transition feeding. The webinar will be broadcasted on Thursday 18 May.

Speaker Marc Decoux, global swine technology leader for Cargill Animal Nutrition will once more take the stage, just like he did in the first episode, which was broadcasted on 30 March. In that webinar he touched on the concept of livability and which moments in the breeding cycle are critical with regard to piglet livability.

Critical phase between gestation and lactation

Mr Decoux will discuss the critical phase between gestation and lactation, and how a targeted nutritional strategy can support the farrowing process and lactation onset. As a result, piglet livability is improved, resulting in a higher sow productivity and increased litter growth.

The webinar will start at 4pm, Central European Time, and will take about 1 hour. Mr Decoux will speak for roughly 40 minutes, after which there is plenty of time for a Q&A session. Vincent ter Beek, editor of Pig Progress, will host the webinar and registration is free.

The start of the webinar corresponds with:

• Beijing, China: 10pm

• Bangkok, Thailand: 9pm

• Moscow, Russia: 5pm

• London, UK: 3pm

• São Paulo, Brazil: 11am

• New York City, NY, United States: 10am

• Chicago, IL, United States: 9am

• Denver, CO, United States: 8am

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ter Beek
Vincent ter Beek Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world