Topigs Norsvin takes genomic selection further

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Topigs Norsvin takes genomic selection further
Topigs Norsvin takes genomic selection further

Topigs Norsvin is taking genomic selection a step further: linking crossbred performance to pure line genotype.

Topigs Norsvin is starting several projects where genomic selection and performance data from crossbred offspring are being used to breed and select pure lines. The projects link the phenotype of the crossbred offspring to the genotype of the pure line parents. This next step in the use of genomic selection will substantially increase the genetic progress of commercially important traits and therefore bring genomic selection closer to real-life commercial production.

One specific four-year project led by the Norwegian research team in Norsvin SA was recently awarded funded by the Norwegian Agriculture Agency. This research will be carried out on the new parent female TN70. The Norwegian project has several aspects such as estimating purebred and crossbred correlations for relevant traits, establishing a pipeline for phenotyping and genotyping, and estimating SNP effects in crossbred populations. Determining the best way to trace genomic haplotypes in crossbreds back to the purebred parents is another aspect of the project.

The aim of the Norwegian project is to breed pigs that better meet specific market needs in several parts of the world. The project will particularly focus on reproductive traits. By combining commercial crossbred data with CT data, piglet survival and growth data, feed efficiency data, etc, the company plans to further increase genetic progress and strengthen the position of Topigs Norsvin for professional pork producers.

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