Topigs exports genetics to Bolivia

06-03-2013 | | |
Topigs exports genetics to Bolivia
Topigs exports genetics to Bolivia

Topigs exported top genetics to Bolivia. A total of 49 grandparent sow line animals and 10 Talent boars were delivered to Geporbol (Genetica Porcina Boliviana) in January.

The export was organised by Topigs do Brasil. This is the first time that breeding pigs have been transported from Brazil to its neighbouring country Bolivia. An international genetic material transit between both countries therefore had to be established.

This first export has opened up the commercial relationship between Topigs do Brazil and Bolivia for exporting without restrictions. Ricardo Josué Cogo, production manager of Topigs do Brasil states: “Topigs is interested in helping swine development in Bolivia, not just through the supply of genetic material but also with technical support. This export is a first step in this direction.”

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