Topigs: €2.64 profit per finisher/year

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Topigs: ¬ 2.64 profit per finisher/year
Topigs: ¬ 2.64 profit per finisher/year

Topigs realised a genetic progress of € 2.64 per finisher pig in 2012. This genetic progress is far greater than in previous years.

For example, in 2009 the genetic progress was € 1.33. An improvement of € 2.64 means that compared to 2011 a Topigs pig has the genetic capacities to realise a profit that is € 2.64 higher due to better quality and lower production costs. In the last 4 years the genetic capacity has improved by a total of almost € 8 per finisher.

The improvement in genetic progress is the result of an updated breeding goal, the extensive use of individual feed intake registration during the rearing of breeding pigs in nucleus herds and the implementation of the live muscle scan that measures the leanness and muscling of live pigs. Also the first effects of the use of genomic selection are visible in the genetic progress of 2012.

In 2012, almost 75% of the genetic progress was realised in finisher traits. This means that the Topigs pig improves fast on traits such as feed efficiency and carcass quality. Besides this massive improvement in finisher traits, reproduction traits are also improving faster than in the past.

It is expected that the genetic progress per year will increase further when the effects of using genomic selection become increasingly visible in genetic progress.

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