Top dressing for the pregnant and lactating sow

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Fibrasan TD from Sano is a premium active substance complex for pregnant and lactating sows / For a higher litter weight and improved milk performance

Farmers say:
“The results with Fibrasan TD are convincing. We have to provide less assistance at birth and the birth now lasts only 2.5 hours. This has had a favourable effect on the number of live piglets and their weights at birth are more similar. The weaning weight is now over 8 kg, but was less without Fibrasan TD.” (Friedhelm Kruse, successful pig breeder from Petershagen)

Profitable piglet production is only possible with high pregnancy rates, high litter rates and heavy milk production by the mother sow. The new Fibrasan TD from Sano is a premium active substance complex for pig farmers and brings a further increase in pig performance. According to Simone Hartmann, Sano expert for porcine nutrition: “Fibransan TD is intended for farmers who do everything correctly during feeding, but who still want improvements.” The preparation is a valuable component in an integrated nutritional concept and leads to peaceful and unstressed sows, easy births, high milk performance and vital, rapidly growing piglets.

Hartmann explains that Fibrasan TD is fed as top dressing. 45 g are given daily to pregnant sows and 30 g to lactating sows. As an option, 1.5% of the feed can be mixed in the pregnancy feed or 0.5% in the lactation feed. However, Fibrasan TD is only fully active when the base is right. Nevertheless, the increase in performance to a high level is only achieved with an integrated approach, always with high value feed.
Fibrasan TD contains the following components:
L-Carnitine and choline chloride
These substances resemble vitamins. They improve fat utilisation and support energy metabolism, leading to high birth weights and more milk.
Vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium yeast and Sano polyphenol complex
Natural antioxidants inactivate free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and facilitate birth.
Folic acid PLUS
The pregnancy vitamin for better ovulation rates, supports egg maturation.
Mycotoxin-free source of raw fibres, high potential swelling for optimal digestion
Aroma composition to make the feed smell and taste well. Optimised for Sauengold Lac, Sauengold Trag and Fasersan Trag.
Natural plant sweetener, particularly attractive for sows
Organically bound trace elements
Highly bioavailable trace elements for optimal nutrition of sows, foetuses and piglets with high performance metabolism
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