Taiwan reports finding of ractopamine in US pork

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Taiwan reports finding of ractopamine in US pork

Taiwanese health authorities announced this week that they had discovered that pork made with US sourced meat contained ractopamine.


This was reported by the country’s Central News Agency (CNA).

Although allowed in beef imports, the feed additive is banned in pork imports in Taiwan. Country officials gave the news at a press conference held to announce the results of an inspection of foods used by breakfast stores in New Taipei, the CNA said. The report did not identify a supplier in the United States.

Pork balls

The pork balls, in which the drug was found, were said to contain 0.4 parts per billion (ppb) of ractopamine. The probe also found pork burger that contained 9.3 ppb of chloramphenicol, an antibiotic also banned in pork in Taiwan, according to the CNA.

The Taiwanese government stated that a total ban on the drug in imported pork will be maintained.

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