Sweden: Pork labelled as beef, tonnes sold

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Sweden: Pork labelled as beef, tonnes sold
Sweden: Pork labelled as beef, tonnes sold

In Sweden, nearly 70 tonnes of pork fillets have been labelled and sold as beef.

The meat was dyed and labelled as beef tenderloin, according to reports. The pork was imported over two years and have been purchased from grocery stores.

The National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) confirmed that ‘beef’ were actually pork cuts dyed pink to look like beef meat. Initially, Tomas Narving of food wholesaler Svensk Cater first found that the beef was fake.

Firms reported to police

CKA Chark and Heat och Barterinvest firms which imported the fake meat to Sweden have been reported to the police.

70 tonnes of  the fake beef have already been sold.  The fake meat was came from Hungary and wholesalers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania purchased the meat, said Narving.

“People should not eat meat that is mislabelled and that contains banned colouring agents,” said Britt Carlsson of the Environmental Department (Miljöförvaltningen) in Karlstad, Sweden.

The ‘beef ’ was labelled as Argentinian, Hungarian and Italian beef tenderloin.

Source: The Local