Stienen BE showcases AeroSolution system at VIV Europe

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Stienen BE launches AeroSolution system at VIV Europe
Stienen BE launches AeroSolution system at VIV Europe

Dutch climate control company launched a novel concept at VIV Europe, offering exact control on air flow coming into a poultry or pig house.

The so-called AeroSolution revolves around the idea that the primary requirement for a healthy climate is a good air distribution combined with the right constant temperature in the house and without draughts. Sufficient air exchange is also necessary to remove CO2, ammonia and dust. Since external climatic influences might disturb the climate in the house, the AeroSolution keeps them out, so that an optimum climate for the animals in the house can be guaranteed. The AeroSolution consists of three parts:

1. The AeroWing: an air inlet with a constant and independent air throw

2. The AeroComp: wind compensation to control the pressure in the house

3. The AeroX: a heat exchanger for the right temperature in the house

Storms & wind

Storms and wind outside the building may disturb the climate in the house. The pressure in the house is no longer in balance then, leading to an irregular distribution of the air. Stienen BE bypasses this problem by installing AeroComp wind compensation units upstream of every AeroWing inlet flap. The AeroComp compensates for the wind influences on the basis of the air speeds and pressure difference resulting from measurements on both sides of the house. This guarantees a smooth and constant incoming air flow.

The AeroX was introduced to keep the temperature at the required level. This integrated water/air heat exchanger uses low-valued energy to heat the cold outside air or cool the warm outside air before it enters the house. The required climate is then achieved in the house, so that the animals can be, and stay, healthy.

The company can be found in Hall 12, stand A108.

VIV Europe lasts from May 20 through 22 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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