Soon to be published: The Gut Health Special

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Photo: Bart Nijs
Photo: Bart Nijs

Pig Progress will soon be publishing a special edition devoted to the theme of Gut Health. The special issue will be available at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, GA, USA – and also be sent out to over 60,000 readers. There is still availability.

Intestinal health problems lead to animal performance and profitability being jeopardised with infections being a major source of feed efficiency loss, downtime and additional costs for veterinary treatment.

Luckily, certain feed components and feed additives can positively influence the microflora in the gut and in turn boost intestinal health. These ingredients often contain immune system stimulating components, antioxidants and other innovative solutions. A healthy gut means that the animal can process the diet more efficiently, has a better immune system and is less susceptible to pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Feeding solutions and management practices

In this special edition, sent to all readers of Pig Progress, All About Feed, Poultry World and Dairy Global, the emphasis is on feeding solutions and management practices regarding gut health and how they can positively influence animal health, performance and profitability of the farm.

There are a few spots left for companies having an interesting, insightful or captivating story to share. More information about the special can be found here. For more info, contact salesint@proagrica.com.

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