Saerimner plans investment dispute against Lithuania

27-06-2012 | | |

Saerimner, a Lithuanian pork producer, is planning an investment dispute suit against the Republic of Lithuania for a total 200 million Lithuanian litas (US$70 mln).

Representatives of Saerimner claim that the business environment in Lithuania for pig producers is discouraging; especially for multinationals (Saerimner is an affiliated company of the Danish Idavang A/S group).

“Saerimner is currently embroiled in a court case, where six people protecting the ‘public interest’ are trying to revoke the permit for a Saerimner farm in the Kalvarija district. The first time this case came to court the judgement was found against Saerimner, on the grounds of errors in the issued permit. The permit was withdrawn, and Saerimner was ordered to abandon the farm within three months. The company has appealed, and the decision of Kaunas district court will be published on 2 July,” said Lina Mockute a Saerimner media representative.
If the court once again rules against Saerimner, the company is planning an investment dispute against the government of Lithuania. Saerimner has already invested almost 200 million litas (US$ 70 mln) in Lithuania.
Representatives of the company complained that part of the problem appears to be due to Lithuanian resistance to Danish pig farms in their country.