Russia plans to produce 30 million tonnes of feed

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Russia plans to produce 30 million tonnes of feed
Russia plans to produce 30 million tonnes of feed

According to experts Russia will be able to produce about 30-32m tonnes of feed by 2015, this was recently stated by the president of the Russian Union of Feed producers Valery Afanasiev, speaking at a meeting of the Russian Technology Platform “Technologies for the food processing industry and agriculture healthy food” in the conference “Golden Autumn 2012”.

“Today our feed industry is probably one of the most stable and fastest growing”, he stressed,  “The annual increase in production of animal feed is currently estimated at the level of 1.2-1.3m tonnes. This is about 9-10% of the annual production. Sustainability to the Russian feed industry has been brought primarily by the Russian poultry farmers and pig breeders, because the rapid growth in this sectors led to constant increase of the demand for animal feed and feed additives”.

At present, according to Russian Federal Static Service (Rosstat), annually Russia produces 17.8 million tons of feed. However, Russian Union of Feed producers say that actually this figure is higher. “It’s no secret that small and medium-sized livestock operations have a lot of unaccounted feed”  explain the representatives. According to estimates of the Union, real annual feed production in Russian is currently range around 22-23m tonnes.

Based on these data, Afanasiev estimated the potential of the feed industry as 30-32 million tons of feed produced by 2015 and 40m tonnes of feed by 2020. He also recalled that feed producers in the USSR annually output about 50m tonnes of feed.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent