Russia: 8.7% increase in pork production

07-05-2015 | | |
Russia: Increased pork production in Q1
Russia: Increased pork production in Q1

An 8.7% year-on-year increase in pork production has been reported by Russia’s Agricultural Ministry. The climb in production – 59,800 tonnes up to 708,300 tonnes – can be seen in various Russian regions.

Among Russian regions during this period, the main increase in the production of pigs for slaughter has been in Kursk Oblast (16,300 tonnes), Belgorod Oblast  (12,600 tonnes), Tambov Oblast (7,500 tonnes), Pskov Oblast (5,900 tonnes), Chelyabinsk Oblast (3,400 tonnes), Novosibirsk Oblast (3,400 tonnes), Smolensk Oblast (3,000 tonnes) and the Republic of Mordovia (2,700 tonnes).


According to the head of the livestock and breeding department of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, Vladimir Labinov, Russian pig farmers are currently increasing the volume of production for the domestic market. He added that the average price of pork on the Russian market as of April of 2015 stood at RUB 97 (US$ 1.9).

High pig meat prices a factor

Previously, experts named the high prices in pork production as one of the main factors contributing to strong operational results of the largest market players, which in turn has guaranteed further growth of production volumes.

Currently the largest agricultural holdings in Russia is increasing pork production mostly through the improvement of efficiency in already operating assets, refraining from the implementation of new investment projects.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent