Rotecna optimises Feeding Ball for versatility in pig feeding

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Rotecna optimises Feeding Ball for versatility in pig feeding

Spanish pig equipment manufacturer Rotecna have optimised their Feeding Ball, with a new support that gives pig producers new possibilities for installation. It is optimised for litters and also for group gestation.

Using the optimised system, animals can choose their feeding rates with a simple movement as it simulates the natural rooting action.

The difference with the previous support for the Feeding Ball is that the new one is made of plastic, instead of stainless steel. The new support makes the positioning of the product in the pen much more flexible, thus making more types of fixings valid without the need to change or adapt them. The optimised design gives producers better access to the feeder, making them easier to handle.

In addition, the unit is simple to dismount for cleaning purposes.

Dosing the amount of feed
The Feeding Ball allows the pigs to dose dose the amount of feed assigned to it with the dose  control, depending on its appetite, without wasting a single gramme and always eating fresh feed. The animal gently hits the ball of the mechanism and the quantity of feed stipulated in dose control falls into the Sow Bowl or channel.

Whatever option is chosen (stainless steel or plastic support), pork producers are guaranteed a good result, as  since its launch in 2004, the product has been used for increasing feed consumption in maternity.

The Feeding Ball can be filled using a dispenser or a feeder. Adapted sets are developed for either loading option.

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