Rotecna launches line of hydraulic heated panels for pigs

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Pig equipment manufacturer Rotecna, headquartered in Agramunt, Spain, has launched a line of hydraulic heated panels designed to maintain a constant temperature, minimising temperature spikes.

The company developed three new models: 1,200 x 400 mm, 1,200 x 500 mm and 1,200 x 600 mm. These allow various combinations depending on the size of the pens and the farmer’s needs, to create a comfortable micro-climate for farrowing, weaning and weaning-to- finish.

Heat accumulators
The panels work as heat accumulators. The water in the heating circuit heats the water inside the panel (through a metal pipe inside the panel), thus generating thermal inertia. This creates and maintains a constant temperature on the panel’s surface, thus avoiding temperature peaks.

This way, the heat is distributed evenly all over the panel.

Hitherto the panels worked well as long as they were at the right pressure and temperature. These, however, were not always achieved.

Each one of the panels works individually – so their working do not affect other panels. All are connected directly to the heating circuit.

The panels can be filled through the upper part of the panel. The bottom is mounted with insulation to minimise heat losses. In addition, the outside prevents dirt from accumulating. The surface of the panel has a special anti-slip tread that gives good grip and greater comfort as a rest area for the piglets.

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