Reduce Aflatoxin B1 in pig feed

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Reduce Aflatoxin B1 in pig feed
Reduce Aflatoxin B1 in pig feed

The European Commission concluded last year that bentonite has the ability to reduce Aflatoxin B1 contamination, a highly potent mycotoxin, in pig, poultry and ruminant feed (EC No 1060/2013). As a result, Kemin Industries’ Toxfin brand mycotoxin binder, which contains bentonite, is authorized in the EU as a substance with validated Aflatoxin B1 deactivation claims.

Toxfin contains two different activated clay minerals – one of which is bentonite. With a binding efficacy that is proven in both in vitro and in vivo experiments, it is effectively shown to prevent the negative impact of feed borne mycotoxins on animal health and performance and ensure food safety.

“Mycotoxins are a serious threat to the feed industry, which is why we are so pleased about the approval of bentonite in the EU,” said Monique Baecke, Kemin product manager of Toxfin. “This decision not only validates the science and efficacy of our product, but also propels the industry forward as we work together to continually meet the growing demand for quality and safe feed.”

Kemin is in the final stages of registering Toxfin in the EU as a mycotoxin deactivating product, which would make the product the first approved mycotoxin binder composed of two different clay activated components. Efforts to register Toxfin in the EU began in 2005, when the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures, known as FEFANA, established the task force Mycotoxin Inactivators to regulate the use of mycotoxin binders.

As a result, the European Commission published a new regulation in the Official Journal in 2009 and opened a new functional group under Regulation (EC) 1831/2003 for feed additives acting on the reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins. These actions prompted positive discussion between the industry and the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCFCAH) and led to the first steps towards registration, including a detailed dossier for Toxfin in 2010.

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