Rattlerow acquires Karro’s breeding herd sector

17-02-2014 | | |
Rattlerow acquires Karro s breeding herd sector
Rattlerow acquires Karro s breeding herd sector

Rattlerow Farms has acquired the breeding herd interests of Karro Food Group – making Rattlerow the leading breeding company farming the largest number of pigs in the UK.

The deal, between Rattlerow Scotland Ltd, was reached at the end of last week, seeing the transfer of nine employees and two nucleus farms. The company will also take control of Karro’s dam line breeding programme to exclusively produce all their replacement gilts as well as supply AI to the processor’s commercial pig production operation based in Scotland.

As part of the same deal, Karro have affirmed their ongoing commitment to Scottish farming with agreements for Rattlerow to supply their farming operation that was formerly part of Vion Food Group UK.

Both companies have also agreed to long term arrangements where Rattlerow, together with RA-SE Genetics, will operate a dedicated Scottish nucleus and multiplication programme to specifically supply Karro’s farms with Landroc and Whiteroc genetics. Karro will have a distinct market edge, through the unique selling point of access to Rattlerow’s prolific outdoor herd, expertise and technologies – all of which will lead not only to a high quality pig supply but also through the partnership there will be significant efficiency advantages, as synergies are realised between the pig breeder and pig processor.

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