Product: New fan for pig house

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Product: New fan for pig house
Product: New fan for pig house

At the IPPE 2013 (29 – 31 Jan) in Atlanta Vostermans Ventilation will introduce the Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan 54”.

Through the aerodynamic design of the new fan, the company can offer the market a fiberglass cone fan which sets a new ventilation standard focusing on the three most important fan parameters:

• Air performance: up to 54,300 m³ (at 0 Pa)/32,000 CFM (at 0” SP).

• Fan efficiency

• Air flow ratio

With durability and reliability as an asset, the new Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan 54” guarantees high quantities of fresh air at low cost.

The product offers:

• Maximal air performance

• High efficiency

• Low noise level

• High durability

• Easy to clean

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