Over 2,000 Irish livestock farmers needed for biogas plants

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biogas Ireland
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Greengate Biogas, a partnership of investors and biogas specialists, is looking for over 2,000 Irish livestock farmers to supply manure for a number of new biogas plants across the country. The projects will also recirculate organic fertilisers to farmers contributing to Ireland’s circular economy and green transition.

By implementing anaerobic digestion for improved manure management, Greengate Biogas will also help reduce emissions from the agricultural sector and address nitrate challenges, the partners say. They refer to the current problems in Ireland with regard to the derogation of the European Nitrate Directive. Farmers and processors of their products fear the country could lose that derogation at the next review of water quality, due in 2025.

Greengate Biogas

Greengate Biogas is an initiative of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, a global leader in renewable energy investments, together with Atlas Renewables, a local development team specifically established to develop biogas plants in Ireland, and Energex Partners. They will develop, construct and operate biogas plants across Ireland with a primary focus on utilising manure as feedstock. Manure will be the predominant feedstock – and will be sourced in close collaboration with over 2,000 livestock farmers across the country.

When fully established, Greengate Biogas will produce nearly 1.8 TWh per year of biomethane across multiple projects, representing approximately 3.5% of Ireland’s current natural gas demand and 30% of Ireland’s 2030 biomethane target established in the recently published biomethane strategy. This equates to enough gas to heat over 160,000 Irish homes or meet 20% of Irish industrial gas demand.

Collaborating with Irish farmers

Andreas F. Brandt, Partner at CIP, says: “We are excited to enter the Irish bioenergy industry with Greengate Biogas, which will make a significant contribution to the green transition, as well as creating local jobs and investments across the agricultural and rural economies. We look forward to seeing the growth in biogas make significant contributions to renewable energy production, CO2 abatement and water quality management. We look forward to progressing the projects with our local development team and in collaboration with Irish farmers, local authorities and other stakeholders.”

Ruud Peijs International Journalist