Pig feed acidifier registered for use in Indonesia

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Acidifier registered for use in Indonesian feed industry
Acidifier registered for use in Indonesian feed industry

Bayer Animal Health, renown German Pharmaceutical and Animal Health Company, provider of high quality nutraceuticals for use in livestock and aquaculture and Dr. Eckel are proud to announce the completed registration of “Latibon Plus ME” in Indonesia on 28th June 2013.

The multifunctional acidifier, developed and manufactured by German feed additive specialist and technology leader Dr. Eckel and supplied to the feed industry in South East Asia by Bayer Animal Health, will be made available to customers in Indonesia as 7th country in Asia within 2013.

After two years of intensive registration effort of the teams of both companies, the registration license was issued by Ministry of Agriculture which approved Latibon Plus ME for pigs, duck, chicken, and cattle. Additional claims for shrimp and fish feed were registered with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and are estimated to obtain approval in Indonesia in 2014.

The effective Latibon Plus ME concept combines a well proven standardised acidifier with added properties. The modular base is a balanced mixture of organic and inorganic acids and their salts which allows for a marked reduction of the buffering capacity in the feed.

“Improved hygiene optimised buffering capacity and a better digestibility – these are key performances factors supporting healthy growth in young animals. Furthermore it improves the intestinal flora and protects the animals against diarrhoea”, says Dr. Bernhard Eckel, Vice President at Dr. Eckel.

Further registrations for this exceptional and widely trusted product are currently on the underway in China and Malaysia.

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