Pig experts in China zooming in on nursery diets

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Interior-meeting - Photo: An Hai-ping.
Interior-meeting - Photo: An Hai-ping.

A recent seminar in Zhengzhou City, Henan province, China, zoomed in on various dietary issues, including how to use wheat in diets.

The seminar, held June 22 and 23, was themed ‘Nursery Nutrition – Exchange, Value,  Share’.

Over 100 well qualified people in the Chinese swine business attended the seminar, including general managers, technical directors, and heads of intensive pig farms.

Dr Wang Tong-shi is general manager of Beijing Protein Science Technology Development and also a Chinese pig industry front-line expert. At the meeting, he introduced the basic idea of ‘Creep: Teach them to eat; Weaning feed: They want eat’. He indicated that pigs rather than humans should be leading in deciding the type of feed. In addition, he emphasised the importance of fresh ingredients, as the animals prefer this.

Sun Guo-jiong, general manager of Anhui Zhengdayuan Feed Company, also suggested that pig industry should depend on the pig’s preferences to make the best products. He challenged the views in some current industries, as to dropping the protein content of nursery feed to 18% in order to save costs. In addition, he also spoke of puffing technology and how to apply this.

Finally he showed company trials, that when in nursery diets 20% puffed corn is replaced by 20% puffed wheat, daily feed intake can grow by 9% and average daily gain by 10%.

Shang Xiu-guo, the technical director of Beijing Beking Heliomy Biotechnology Company, presented three theories of post-weaning diarrhoea.

Dr Zhang Bo (China Dilvkang Biotechnology Company, explained that plant feed additives are not simple botanical plant extracts or plant medicinal materials, but standardised mixtures of plant extracts and plant-derived compounds.

In addition, Zheng Xu-yang, technical director of DSM, spoke of enzymes, corn and the puffing technology for wheat.

Cao Son-grong, technical director from Guangzhou Liang Biotechnology Company, first-line domestic veterinary expert, used specific cases to analyse the usage of veterinary drugs.

The event was organised by the Chinese livestock industry website Xumuren www.xumuren.com and presented by Hongmu Network Technology. (By Liu Cai-hong, Xumuren; photos: An Hai-ping)

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