People: JSR Genetics appoints meat science director

29-04-2014 | | |
People: JSR Genetics appoints meat science director
People: JSR Genetics appoints meat science director

JSR Genetics has appointed Caroline Mitchell as director of meat science.

Mitchell, completed a degree at Nottingham University in Applied Biology and went on to study an MSc in Meat Science & Technology at Bristol, joined JSR Genetics in 2006. She gathered experience within the AI laboratory at Thorpe Willoughby and in the R&D department during her first year, before moving to the position of meat scientist in 2007. This then led to the establishment of the JSR Food Quality Centre.

Headed by her, the JSR Food Quality Centre not only acts as a test bed for JSR’s own pork products, but is available to hire and regularly conducts assessments on other meat such as lamb, beef and chicken and has also previously carried out work on peas.

Mitchell is not only the youngest director to be appointed at JSR, but is also the first female.

She said,  “I am thrilled to be given such a unique opportunity within JSR and I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. Meat quality and its improvement is a priority within JSR and I believe that my appointment firmly and visibly cements this commitment to the wider industry.”