Osborne: New hog feeder launched

20-11-2013 | | |
Osborne: New hog feeder launched
Osborne: New hog feeder launched

Osborne Industries, Inc., has announced the launch of its all new Stainless Steel Rectangular Hog Feeders to its swine management equipment line.

Double-sided wean-to-finish rectangular feeder models are available for dry and wet/dry feeding. The feeders are constructed with heavy duty, 304 welded stainless steel that provides reliable, durable, and long-lasting performance for years of operation in hog finishing facilities. The rolled edges provide structural strength as well as safety from sharp edges.

The adjustment system promotes optimum feed efficiency and deep head entry into the feed trough helps achieve Osborne’s signature “no waste” pig feeding. Solid divider panels with pre-drilled holes allow for splitting the feeder among sort and grower pens, while the pre-drilled holes and knockouts allow for mounting the feeders in multiple applications.


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