Organic feed not fully organic until 2017

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Organic feed not fully organic until 2017
Organic feed not fully organic until 2017

The European Union has extended the timeframe on introducing 100% organic raw materials in organic pig and poultry feed to 2017. This has been decided last week in Brussels.

This derogation means that organic producers are still allowed to mix a maximum of 5% non-organic protein raw materials in the diets.

Initially, organic producers had to start using organic feed, containing 100% organic ingredients by the end of 2014. But there are still; not enough organic raw materials available on the market to introduce these rules. This is why the EU has decided to give the organic producers more time.

The allowance to mix non-organic raw materials in the feed currently gives feed formulators a degree of flexibility in providing optimum levels of key nutrients in diets.

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