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The line-up of the webinar, with Nedap s Chiel van Lenthe on the left and Martin Enderink on the right. - Photo: Company Webcast
The line-up of the webinar, with Nedap s Chiel van Lenthe on the left and Martin Enderink on the right. - Photo: Company Webcast

How to know exactly what feed formulation works best on-farm? And how can technology help making finisher sites work more efficiently? Feeding automation can make the difference – and that was the theme of a webinar that is now available for viewing on-demand.

View the webinar of March 31

The webinar, hosted by Pig Progress in cooperation with Nedap Livestock Management, aired on Wednesday, March 31. The webinar lasted 1 hour and was broadcasted from The Hague, the Netherlands.

Automated pig performance testing

“Harvesting data made easy,” was the motto of the presentation of Chiel van Lenthe, product manager at Nedap. He introduced the company’s solution ProSense, a highly data-driven approach of automated performance testing, which is often used by research farms or genetic companies to choose the pigs with the highest potential.

The solution follows each and every pig individually by the use of ear tags, leading to many data about how pigs grow. He summed up a range of advantages, including the minimum of labour being required, low costs per data set, a 24/7 data flow and a unified data administration.

He also mentioned that performance testing can also be applied in standard production facilities for reference purposes.

Improving finisher barn efficiency

Another aspect of the Nedap solution programme was explained by Martin Enderink, global sales director at Nedap. He zoomed in on the solution PorkSense, which is aimed at improving the efficiency of finisher barns. After all, it is numbers that count in this stage of production as there are 10 times as many finisher pigs than there are sows – and the finishers also consume the most feed.

He introduced the PorkTuner, a weighing unit with 3 exits – leading finishers to go to a high-density diet court, a low-density diet court, or a zone where they can be picked up for collection. Data gathered using the solution will also be provided and constantly made available, making management easy.

Earlier webinar on feeding automation

An earlier webinar by Pig Progress and Nedap also discussed feeding automation systems – Electronic Sow Feeding received attention as well. That webinar, recorded in October 2020, can also be still viewed on-demand.

View the webinar of March 31

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