Nutriad sponsors pig feed conference in Vietnam

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Nutriad sponsors pig feed conference in Vietnam
Nutriad sponsors pig feed conference in Vietnam

Asian Pork Magazine, Asian Feed Magazine and GaZeFi organised the 2015 Pig Feed Quality Conference in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) in April. Nutriad was a gold sponsor of this important event.

The Pig Feed Quality Conference is one of the most respected animal science forums in Asia.

This year more than 200 participants attended. The conference addressed key areas in pig and feed production, namely sow nutrition, ingredients, additives and feed manufacturing.

Nutriad was represented by Dr. Radka Borutova PhD who gave an insightful presentation about reproductive function of breeding gilts exposed to zearalenone and a mycotoxin deactivator (Toxy-Nil Plus).

The results in breeding gilts of the study presented, showed that there was a significant influence of estrogen-like mycotoxin zearalenone at 660 ppb on the reproductive function (uterus and vagina development, volume and weight of ovaries and oestrus signs). The negative effects of zearalenone on the reproductive function of gilts were effectively moderated by the inclusion of a Toxy-Nil Plus at 1 kg/t in the feed.

The interaction of local and global staff members of Nutriad with Asian customers and scientists was appreciated by both Nutriad as attendants. It further confirmed Nutriad’s strong commitment to the Asian Pacific region.

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