Newsham Choice Genetics, Pen AR Lan change – name change

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Newsham Choice Genetics, Pen AR Lan change  - name change
Newsham Choice Genetics, Pen AR Lan change - name change

The two swine genetics companies Newsham Choice Genetics and Pen Ar Lan – part of the second largest multi-species genetic company in the world, Groupe Grimaud – have announced they are changing their name to Choice Genetics and have added new technologies to their genetic evaluation platform.

Newsham, who joined Groupe Grimaud in 2008, and Pen Ar Lan who joined in 2011, will now be called Choice Genetics as they grow their operations worldwide. Choice Genetics has subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Poland and Vietnam.

New platform in selection technology

Choice Genetics announces they have added Computed Tomography (CT) scanning to their selection technology. The scanning program, launched during the winter of 2012, is targeted for testing 10,000 paternal line animals annually and will grow up to 20,000 including both paternal and maternal lines.

Since research indicates that CT results have a ninety-nine percent correlation with finished carcass data, and a high correlation to feed conversion, Choice Genetics expects this technology to produce significant competitive advantages.

“In our latest benchmark trials, our new frontline products have demonstrated an overall competitive advantage in total value versus the best alternatives,” says Dr. Derek Petry, Ph.D., Vice President of R&D at Choice Genetics. “Adding this new technology will allow us to make faster genetic progress in carcass value and feed conversion.”

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