New swine feed plant for Iowa, USA

21-06-2012 | | |

StateLine Cooperation, an Iowa based company that specialises in feed and grains, has announced plans to build a new swine feed mill plant in Emmet county, Iowa.

The new plant will produce complete meals and pelleted swine feed to supply hog operations located in North Central Iowa and Central Minoseota. On completion the plant will have the capacity to manufacture up to 400,000 tonnes of meal feed with the option of pelleting 200,000 tonnes of feed annually.

According to Cherilyn Krichau, StateLine’s North Burt locations feed department manager, the main grounds for wanting to build the feed mill was so the company could sustain its feeding operations as well as to create an end-user market to improve corn basis.

“The feed mill is expected to greatly benefit the local area with an initial demand of 2.7 bushels of corn, rising to 8 million bushels of corn to be purchased from the local farmers.”

Krichau added that the plant will eventually be able to employ 7 full time positions.

The project is expected to cost in the region of US$9 million and construction will begin in the autumn.

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