New Delta Wean feeds for improved growth and margin over feed

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ABN’s Delta Wean feeds now feature improved acidification and a reduction in anti-nutrients. With prices in line with previous Delta Wean feeds, the result is a range of young pig feeds capable of improving growth rates, feed conversion ratio and margin over feed (MOF).

Acidification has been shown to enhance protein digestibility and gut flora, and research* carried out during the development of the new Delta Wean feeds demonstrated the impact of the improved acidification. Growth rate was increased by up to 4.5% and MOF by up to £1.20/pig (€1.50).

Phytase enzyme
Increasing the inclusion of the phytase enzyme in Delta Wean feeds to ‘superdosing’ rates has further enhanced nutrient utilisation, improving daily gain by more than 11%, feed conversion ratio by more than 5% and the cost/kg gain by 5%. The phytase not only helps eliminate the negative impact of plant phytates on nutrient utilisation, but also releases additional phosphorus for use by the pig.

In addition, all ABN Delta Wean feeds continue to be formulated using information from the Schothorst Advanced Feed Package, which allows the calculation of an energy value for each feed ingredient specific to the young pig.

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* Trials conducted by University of Leeds and Harper Adams University College.

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Vincent ter Beek Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world