New applicator makes enzymes on-site

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Freshly made post pellet liquid enzymes
Freshly made post pellet liquid enzymes

Huvepharma, producer of animal health products and enzymes, has developed instant soluble enzymes that can be prepared in the feed mill by using the ‘Huvematic’ applicator. The first applicator will be installed soon at a Dutch feed mill.

On site preparation of liquid enzymes has many advantages, according to Huvepharma, that launched the applicator at its enzyme symposium, held 4-5 June in Vienna. “It results in a more stable product and flexibility in dosing. For the plant manager, it also means no more enzyme intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) that take up floor space and which are difficult to get rid of when empty. It also makes more sense to mix the enzyme powder on site, instead of shipping the liquid enzymes (with around 95% water) over long distances”, Karel Bierman, global director enzymes at Huvepharma explained.

Already used in the US

In Europe, there is no feed mill yet that is preparing a liquid enzyme preparation on site. In the US however, it has been used since a few years. Since 2013, around 20 post-pellet-liquid-application systems have been installed at large feed companies or integrators. According to Doug Decksheimer from the US based company ComCo that installed the machines the results are very positive. “Some companies have bad experiences with post pellet liquid enzyme application. So they are using enzyme powders. But we see a tendency now that more feed companies are moving towards post pellet enzyme application again, as you prevent that the enzyme is damaged by the heat and the die friction of the pelleting process”, Decksheimer explained.

More accuracy and flexibility

Huvepharma has now partnered with a machine builder in the Netherlands to create a similar application system for the European market (called ‘Huvematic’) that is suitable for the company’s instant water soluble xylanase (Hostazym X) and phytase (OptiPhos). According to Lode Nollet, product manager enzymes at Huvepharma there are many benefits of preparing the liquid enzymes in the feed mill. “We provide the enzyme powder and via the Huvematic®, the liquid enzymes can be prepared right on the spot and be sprayed on the pellets. This way, the product is always fresh as it used within 12-24 hours after preparation. It gives the nutritionist more accuracy and flexibility while dosing the enzyme in the feed. The feed mill does not have to adapt the production line when the IBCs are replaced by the Huvematic. One 10 kg bag of instant enzyme powder replaces a 1,000 litre IBC”, Nollet explained.

First machine in the Netherlands

Huvepharma is producing its enzymes at its fermentation plants in Bulgaria as the company has deliberately chosen to keep the production in Europe. In this way the production, quality and safety of the enzymes can be better controlled and managed, instead when producing them in Asia or other oversees areas. The first Huvematic machine in Europe will be installed in the Netherlands within a few months from now.

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