Netherlands: Sow breeders at absolute low in 2015

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Netherlands: Sow breeders at absolute low in 2015
Netherlands: Sow breeders at absolute low in 2015

The average loss by sow breeders in 2015 has turned out to be €75,000. The country is facing the worst results since 2001, reports the Wageningen University’s Agricultural Economic Institute (LEI).

The LEI reported that over 80% of all farms in the Dutch pig industry are suffering from financial problems. The key reason of the misery is an extremely low price for piglets.

Estimated income is historically low

The estimated income for sow breeders is even lower than during previous lows in 2007 and 2010.

In 2014, the LEI reported that the average income for sow breeders was €90,000. In LEI calculations, the revenue per sow dropped from €1,362 to €1,138. Profit therefore dropped from €40 per sow (already low) in 2014 to -€164 per sow in 2015.

Finisher pig producers also face lower prices, but in their case total income is still in the black due to lower piglet prices as well as low feed prices. The LEI says on average finisher pig farms have a profit of roughly €10,000. Closed herds, however, do not have this advantage.

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