Nedap: New products at World Pork Expo 2013

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Nedap: New products at World Pork Expo 2013
Nedap: New products at World Pork Expo 2013

From June 5 – 7 2013 Nedap will exhibit at the World Pork Expo 2013 in Des Moines. This year, the company will present various new products for the first time in North America, which broadens the company’s product range for the swine industry.

It will present Individual Separation on individual Electronic Sow Feeding Stations and Nedap Pig Performance Testing. In addition to these new products it will also introduce a brand new image with the central theme: Vital element for growth.

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding allows the animals to move freely and still take care of their individual nutritional needs. Electronic Sow Feeding will enable producers to meet the growing demand of retailers and consumers requirements for transparency in animal care. It enables producers to provide a high level of care for their animals in group housing and still maintain the production and financial results they are accustomed to.

Nedap Pig Performance Testing is a new solution focused on breeding to be presented for the first time in North America at World Pork Expo 2013. The system automatically registers the growth and feed intake of each pig.  This makes it easy to identify the best performing animals and selection is made simple; based on the most important production characteristics.

The growing demand for safe and reliable pork presents a challenge for the entire swine industry. With the newly developed system a clear insight into which genetic lines produce the most efficient pigs will be obtained.

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