Muyang expanding rapidly – even into pig equipment

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Muyang expanding rapidly   even into pig equipment
Muyang expanding rapidly even into pig equipment

Did you think that machinery company Muyang is limiting its business to constructing feed mill equipment – well, think again. The agricultural giant is experiencing tremendous growth, in more than one direction.

By Vincent ter Beek

What does the world’s largest feed machinery production look like? Imagine an entire industrial estate to be completely dedicated to one company, with buildings of which literally the end cannot be seen. Inside the halls, a similar story. A special trolley takes visitors from one end of the colourful production facility to the other. Production halls full of ‘dust collectors’, ‘screw feeders’, ‘conveyer equipment’, and ‘electronic raw materials’ pass by – and just when one gasps for breath, the trolley turns degrees around the corner and at the other side of the wall another series of halls follows.

Not surprisingly, the ‘Muyang Sci-Tech Industrial Park’, in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China, was constructed by Muyang’s own Steel Structure Building Unit. The facility, which approximately cost 1.3 billion yuan (€150 million), was opened in May 2013, on a 33 hectare piece of land. This included new headquarters and new laboratories, as the previous headquarters, opened in 2002 (!), had already become too small.

Hammer mill

As a company, Muyang started in 1967 with the production of hammer mills. The company would not export its first feed mills until 30 years later; the first being to Malaysia in 1998. Talking some more about economies of scale: The group developed over 200 series, more than 1,000 models, has a global presence of approximately 50 offices worldwide, and sales of the group are growing towards 7 billion yuan.

Although Muyang is deriving about 80% of its income from the feed milling industry, the company has five more divisions, these include ‘Grain & Food Processing’, ‘Oilseed Processing’, ‘Biomass Engineering’, ‘Steel Silos’, and – important for the pig industry – ‘Animal Farming’.

This is a relatively novel business for Muyang as the company only started production in 2012. As Muyang has already established itself as an ‘essential link in the farm-to-table industry chain’, the company chose to move forward to be able to supply each element in this chain. This includes professional breeding houses, feeding systems, environmental systems and complete solutions, depending on the specific requirements of different pig and poultry farms.

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