Moldovan pig farming lacks veterinary controls

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Moldovan pig farming lacks veterinary controls
Moldovan pig farming lacks veterinary controls

Veterinary controls in Moldova’s pig production are unsatisfactory, reported local media Republic TV, to the point that it is a consumer health hazard.

According to expert estimates, the lack of veterinary specialists and equipment means that about 60% of the country’s total pig production could be a health hazard for the consumer. The problem is passing veterinary controls has become a mere formality, and the necessary veterinary documents on meat can be bought for US$10.

Transportation of pork productions hold the greatest risk of contamination for the meat. “This is indeed a problem. The vehicles are usually not disinfected,” report the local veterinarian Olga Zhunku.

Moreover, meat could arrive at the market for sale without any documentation. This is supported by traders. “For each pig without papers we will pay 100 lei (US$ 7.8),” – say the local traders, which is relatively cheaper than the cost of pig with veterinary papers.

However, the officials of the Moldova Central Market, the largest pork market, deny all. The office of the National Agency for Food Safety also reports that the situation is not so bad, as the local media are trying to portray it.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent