Miratorg to replace pork supply from EU

12-08-2014 | | |
Miratorg to replace pork supply from EU
Miratorg to replace pork supply from EU

The largest pork producer and importer in Russia, agricultural holding Miratorg has promised Russian consumers that it will cover the shortfall of pork on the domestic market that may appear as a result of sanctions against Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States with the increase of supply from South America.

“It will replace the shortfall that appears as a result of sanctions which Russia has imposed against shipments of meat from Europe, Canada, Australia and United States with the countries of South America. Our partners in Brazil, Argentina and other countries in the region are willing to increase the supply of the main types of high-quality meat to the Russian market,” said the company.

According to official information, Miratorg is the leading operator of the Russian meat market and one of the largest pork importers with a share of about 9%. Import substitution and the development of domestic production of meat is the basis of Miratorg’s strategy.

“The situation has once again demonstrated the need for Russia to develop its own production of pork to ensure reasonable prices for consumers and food sovereignty of the Russian Federation from our partners in the WTO,” added representatives of the company.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent