MIK introduces efficient pump for farrowing pens

16-06-2010 | | |

German livestock equipment manufacturer MIK International has introduced a new energy-efficient pump to operate its heating system on a higher energy-saving level.

The new pump can be applied in Thermo W, the company’s warm water heating system for farrowing and nursery pens. In addition, first tests have also showed optimistic results for the electrical system Thermo E. It is expected to operate in the same range of power consumption as the warm water system.

With the new pump type, performance can be adjusted to individual requirements by the use of seven power settings. The highest setting at a constant pressure decrease enables a higher volume flow rate.

Power consumption varies between 9 and 63 W, leading to a minimum saving potential of 35% in comparison to a previous pump version.

The product will be presented at the EuroTier show, held later this year in Hanover, Germany.

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ter Beek
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