MEPs call for ban on cloned animals

30-06-2008 | | |

Members of the European Parliament have unanimously adopted a draft resolution calling for a ban on the cloning of animals for food supply.



The Parliament’s Agriculture Committee voted unanimously to adopt an own-initiative report from the Committee’s chairman, UK Conservative MEP Neil Parish, which requests that the Commission not only ban the production of cloned animals for food in the EU, but also the import of any cloned animals or associated products.

No products derived from cloned animals are yet marketed in Europe or elsewhere, but the Agriculture Committee resolution invites the Commission to rule out the use of any such products in Europe, should they come onto the market in the future.


Cloned animal produce could be feasible by 2010, experts claim, after the US Food and Drug Administration concluded this year that meat and dairy products from cloned cattle, pigs and goats pose no greater health risk than from traditionally bred animal products.

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