MAGAZINE: Global health survey among pig producers

29-05-2012 | | |
MAGAZINE: Global health survey among pig producers

In cooperation with animal health company Elanco, Pig Progress is proud to present the results of recent global survey into health issues among pork producers. Read more about it in a comprehensive report in Pig Progress 28.04.

The article includes eleven figures, spread out over more than four pages, and it takes the reader through many modern-day health aspects of pig production. Questions revolve around which are the major health challenges encountered in the last year and how to achieve Full Value Pigs?
Several articles have been devoted to the theme of breeding in this issue. In a very well written article called ‘The secret life of sperm’, author Stuart Revell takes readers in detail trough the life of a boar sperm cell. Do not forget to watch the video too, click here!  
Netherlands-based pig breeding organisation Topigs recently introduced Nador, which could be called the breeder’s approach to deal with boar taint issues. Why not sort pig genetics until they are low in boar taint?
In Pig Progress 28.03, the concept of potato peptides was introduced, to have a beneficial effect in piglets. The approach was also demonstrated to be beneficial on reproduction parameters, writes Dr Dennis Smulders, Huvepharma, in a follow-up.
The study ‘The Second Parity Sow’ by Dr Lia Hoving, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, was at the basis of the article ‘Feeding sows for high milk yield and low weight loss’, written by Dr Albert van Dijk, Provimi.
The magazine also zooms in on Latin America. Now Brazil has been allowed to export pork to China, the country has entered a new era, correspondent Patrick Knight explains. 
For all EU’s pig breeders that did not yet convert their pig houses to the new 2013 legislation – Prof Dr Dominiek Maes of Ghent University has the answer.
As for regular sections: The farm visit takes readers to the UK once more – correspondent David Burch visited Bishop Burton College Farm in northern England and noticed how high performance and high welfare can be joined together.
The company focus zooms in on Betagro’s latest additions and movements in South East Asia.
The Expert Talk contribution is compiled by Alan Doyle, European business development manager, Anitox, who writes about the role of feed in controlling Salmonella in pigs.
Last but not least: Regular columnist John Gadd explains about Do’s and don’ts around rescue decks’, and Dr Ioannis Mavromichalis discusses the replacement of feed ingredients in ‘Nutrition FAQ’.