Lowering medicated premix use in pig feed

06-12-2012 | | |
Lowering medicated premix use
Lowering medicated premix use

Innovad, the Belgian based innovative feed additives producer has launched in November 2012 at Eurotier their latest Intestinal health management program branded Lumance.

Positioned as a solution in reducing medication cost and the use of medicated premixes.

Intestinal health is the most determining factor for pig & poultry health in general, herd performance and farm profitability. Harmful bacteria like E.coli may colonize in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in clinical and sub-clinical diseases. Reduced feed intake and daily gain, gut disorders, diarrhea, wet litter are all observed in animals with bacterial infections.

How to keep the performance with less medication

By controlling the micro flora in the lumen & strengthening the Intestinal Epithelium integrity, Lumance offer a comprehensive gut health management program aiming at reducing medication or cocktails of medications.

Lumance is a complex combining slow release and protection technologies ensuring that acids, medium chain fatty acids, butyrate, essential oils, anti-inflammatory compounds and polyphenols are delivered in a gut active way for a powerful and effective antibacterial control.