Liquid xylanase application cuts costs

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Liquid Xylanase application cuts costs
Liquid Xylanase application cuts costs

Application of the intrinsically thermostable xylanase Econase XT as a liquid into the batch mixer – mixer liquid application (MLA) – can reduce pelleting power consumption by up to 7%, according to independent trials.

The use of MLA can also produce a more uniform distribution in-feed compared to addition of a comparable liquid enzyme post-pelleting, with coefficients of variation (CV) as low as 5% in both mash and pellets.

“Adding macro-ingredients as liquids to the batch mixer is a well-evolved practice, and the technology is well understood,” highlights Paul Steen, AB Vista’s engineering services director. “Common ingredients applied at this stage include fats, betaine, choline chloride and amino acids.

“However, until now the full benefits of adding a xylanase as a liquid prior to mixing haven’t been accessible due to the challenge posed by poor thermostability. The introduction of Econase XT has opened up this opportunity for feed manufacturers to reduce costs and increase consistency of xylanase dosing.”

Econase XT is the first commercial liquid xylanase feed enzyme able to withstand temperatures of up to 90-95°C (194-203°F) under normal pelleting conditions. The MLA technology developed to deliver Econase XT is also relatively inexpensive and uncomplicated to install and maintain, allowing the cost savings and improved application to deliver a return on investment (ROI).

“Compared to even the 10% CVs achieved by the best current post-pelleting liquid application (PPLA) systems, the results achieved by MLA dosing with Econase XT represent a real step forward for xylanase use,” Steen adds. “Numerous animal trials and widespread commercial use have also shown Econase XT to be capable of significantly improving animal performance compared to previous generation enzyme products, extending the potential for improved ROI to include pig and poultry producers as well as feed manufacturers.”

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