LFA working on live yeast for liquid feeding systems

25-04-2012 | | |

French yeast product manufacturer Lesaffre Feed Additives has announced the coming launch of a new yeast type dedicated to liquid feeding systems in pigs.

The strain, a variety of the existing product Actisaf Sc 47, is planned to be ready for the market in the coming months.
The launch is the result of a research programme the company put together during two years, to study live yeast adaptation to liquid feeding systems. Particularly the ability of yeast to survive in liquid feed is sometimes questioned.
A survey of different practical situations allowed to map out the different types of liquid feeds in Europe (composition and preparation), which in turn allows to better identify the critical technical factors affecting yeast efficiency.
Various solutions are currently under investigation to improve the use of the yeast product in liquid feeding systems.
Actisaf Sc 47 is the only one live yeast registered in Europe for all stages of pig production. The company has already adapted live yeast to offer a highly resistant form to severe pelleting process: Actisaf Sc 47 HR+.
For more information, please contact Justine Cau, jcu@lesaffre.fr.

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