Lesaffre’s animal care business rebrands as Phileo

30-01-2015 | | |
Official name change for feed additive company Lesaffre
Official name change for feed additive company Lesaffre

The Lesaffre animal care business unit has officially changed its name to Phileo. The new name and branding will also be accompanied by a renewed website.

Phileo taken from the Greek verb “to love”, conjures up notions of care, respect and protection, which is one of the reasons why the animal care business unit changed its name, alongside being driven by a pioneering business dynamic.

Its spiral-shaped logo illustrates new momentum and a forward-looking attitude, the company explains. Joining forces with this evocative brand name is a new philosophy, which is equally resonant: “Raising life”.

Phileo will be at this year’s IPPE in Atlanta, and can be found at stand 347.

Visit the Phileo-Lesaffre website to find out more.

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