Kiotechagil: European pig farming conferences

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Kiotechagil: European pig farming conferences
Kiotechagil: European pig farming conferences

Kiotechagil China, part of Anpario plc and their distributor YueXing Biotechnology, recently hosted two conferences in Guangdong province where the current standards of EU pig production and performance data were debated.

The conferences were attended by nearly 300 local pig farmers who were invited by local sub-distributor Mei Ligao. The farmers were addressed by Murray Hyden the director of biosecurity for Kiotechagil, Dr Wang, the technical director for Kiotechagil China as well as the president and manager of Mei Ligao.

Murray Hyden commented, “These conferences provided perfect opportunities to keep local farmers in China in tune with current European farming practices and also the implications of the 2013 regulation change with regards group housing of gestating sows.  We also covered the trend towards outdoor pigs in the UK, the reasons behind the banning of antibiotics for prophylactic use, the benefits and pitfalls of liquid feeding and an introduction to the advantages of protected acid systems.”

Dr Wang introduced a new product for China, Clean’n Dry, a drying agent for piglets with an emollient to keep skin supple and with essential oils to provide an antibacterial effect.  The product has been shown to have a calming effect on piglets leading to reduced aggression and enhanced performance.

Kiotechagil’s mycotoxin binder – Neutox was also introduced.  Mr Hyden explained to the farmers the reasons behind using a combination product to tackle mycotoxins from both field and storage moulds and presented comparative studies using simulated gut modelling.

The conferences were held Zhao Qing and Foshan City.

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