Kemin launches Formyl 2B at VIV Europe

18-02-2014 | | |
Kemin launches Formyl 2B at VIV Europe
Kemin launches Formyl 2B at VIV Europe

Feed additive producer Kemin will launch a new nutritional acidifier for piglets at the upcoming VIV Europe show in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The product, Formyl 2B, combines the effective acidifiers in the same micro-granules through an encapsulation process.

The product contains specific activation triggers, that target the release of benzoic acid, citric acid and formic acid and their specific activity along the gastro-intestinal tract. This process results in an improved acid binding activity.

The product allows nutritionists to decrease the calcium content of the diets to the minimum required and even replace high levels of not encapsulated acids and/ or other encapsulated acids.

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