Kemin launches animal nutrition book at VIV

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Kemin launches animal nutrition book at VIV
Kemin launches animal nutrition book at VIV

Kemin is launching Total Nutrition, Lipid digestion and absorption in animal nutrition at VIV Europe.

Total Nutrition, Lipid digestion and absorption in animal nutrition is comprised of innovative papers written by leading industry and academic experts in animal nutrition. The second book in Kemin Industries’ Total Nutrition series provides an accurate understanding of lipid nutrition, digestion, absorption and quality for nutritionists, feed and animal producers.

“Published at a time when the industry is facing numerous challenges related to lipids, the book aims to provide insights and strategies for how to optimixe lipid digestion to ultimately improve profitability,” said John Springate, president of the animal nutrition and health division of Kemin. “The demand for meat is projected to rise by nearly 40%  in the next 20 years, further emphasising the need to improve feed efficiencies. A more efficient use and knowledge on oils and fats nutrition can certainly play a role in this challenge.”

Today, the feed industry is confronted with a wide variety of lipid sources, and similar to many raw materials, these sources are prone to large variations in their nutritive value, which can negatively affect animal production. In addition, the rising costs of oils and fats pose a challenge to nutritionists and producers, making it important to improve lipid digestion in a cost-effective manner.

“Both of these challenges amplify the need for a correct understanding of the different factors that influence lipid nutrition,” said Springate. “In addition to knowledge from leading authorities, this publication taps into the advanced solutions and services Kemin provides.”

The papers in this book provide information on lipid nutrition including how Kemin can be your partner in lipid quality and absorption.

Table of Contents:

1. Agriculture in the world – general outlook

Dr. Tom Verleyen – Kemin Europa N.V., Belgium

2. Oils and fats in non-ruminant animal nutrition

Prof. Julian Wiseman – School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, UK

3. Improving lipid utilization in poultry diets: challenges and possibilities

V. Ravindran – Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey  University,  New Zealand

4. Optimised fat metabolism in monogastric production animals through nutrition

Prof. Geert Janssens – Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, University of Ghent, Belgium

5. Lysoforte: a flexible tool in animal nutrition

Dr. Mauro Di Benedetto, DVM – Dr. Georgios Papadopoulos – Kemin Europa N.V., Belgium

6. How do we evaluate peroxidation of feed fats?

Dr. Jerry Shurson – Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota, St. Paul

**The launch will take place Wednesday May 21 at 12:00 – Hall 10 Booth A058.

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