Kavikorm adds value to brewery co-products for pig feed in CIS

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Russian company Kavikorm which is specialized in developing new types of compound feed and new feeding technologies has introduced a new feeding system based on the use of co-products of the brewing and distilling industries.

Innovativeness of its processing technologies lies in the fact that the brewer’s grain and yeast are not divided into fractions, but entirely go for processing, with added minerals and vitamins. These concentrates, as well as concentrates from distillery vinasse, in their composition have all the essential amino acids and can be used in the animal feed industry.
Developed by “Kavikorm” together with the Russian Institute of Livestock, the share of feed concentrate from the co-products (grains and yeast) in the ration for pigs should be about 30-45% and about 58% in compound feed for cattle.
As a result, the cost of a pig feed unit is estimated ate 6 rubles (US$0.20), which is exactly half of the price of the cheapest feed in Russia.
According to experts, this technology of feeding by far is the most economical in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
General Director of Kavikorm, Andrew Antoniuk, speaking at an international conference “Innovative way of development of pig production in Russia,” the first feeds will be used will be used in pig farming. They have made agreements with a number of large pig farms, where the new developed feed will be tested on some 300,000 pigs.
Specialists of the company will evaluate the effectiveness of the new feed stuff during the testing period.
(By Vladislav Vorotnikov)

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