Jenisys introduce a new heat detection system for loose sows

19-06-2012 | | |

Jenisys have introduced a Stand-Alone version of the heat detection system currently used in their Electronic Sow Feeding management program. This makes the advantages of automatic heat detection available to a wide range of loose housed dry sow systems whatever their feeding regime. This means that sows returning to heat can be spotted early and significantly reduces the number of missed heats, reducing sow empty days and improving litters per sow per year.

In operation each sow is fitted with a low cost electronic tag, then the time she is spent “talking” to a boar through the heat detection station is monitored by the software.  Once a pre-set number of visits are reached, the system generates an attention and the sow is immediately sprayed with a water soluble dye to make her easy to find in the yard.    The Velos control system monitors sow behaviour 24 hours a day and any attention changes are shown on the computer screen in the form of various screens and reports. Additionally the system can also record sow calendar data or can be linked with other sow recording software packages.

The Nedap Velos operating system works though an internet based network so heat attentions and other information can be accessed around the farm with any PC, smart phone or tablet.   Attentions can be instantly emailed to selected addresses.

The new Nedap Velos Standalone Heat Detection system joins the established range of Electronic Sow Feeding, Sorting and Marking equipment for loose housed sows.  In addition Nedap have pioneered the incorporation of individual identification onto sorting systems for fattening pigs. With these systems Nedap have confirmed their position as the world-wide leading company in the field of management systems for all loose housed pigs.

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