JBS United partners with pig IT company PrairiE Systems

29-06-2012 | | |
JBS United partners with pig IT company PrairiE Systems

JBS United and PrairiE Systems have announced that PrairiE Systems has become a JBS United subsidiary. Both companies share a vision: supporting livestock producers and the industry in providing a traceable safe food product to consumers.


PrairiE Systems is an information technology company and software and systems developer focused on the needs of livestock producers, especially the need to trace and manage feed, and ensure safe food products.  The company is primarily focused on helping the swine industry operate more effectively, but the software and systems are easily modified for other livestock.  PrairiE Systems’ premier farm management product is their Feed Allocation System.

PrairiE Systems’ Feed Allocation System is a web-based productivity tool designed to complement the day-to-day process of managing feed ordering and delivering feed, while lowering feed costs for producers.

Additional benefits of this Feed Allocation System include reducing the occurrence of feed outages, making the feed ordering and management process easier, allowing feed medications to be administered and tracked more effectively, and much more.  In addition to the benefits listed above, all of PrairiE Systems’ suite of products help livestock producers ensure that feed production practices comply with the industry’s focus on providing a high quality, safe food product.

This newly acquired company has been positioned as a subsidiary within JBS United’s Nutrition and Emerging Technologies Group.

About JBS United

Since its founding in 1956, JBS United has been dedicated to providing research-based solutions to enhance animal nutrition and livestock production profitability.  The company provides various products and services to swine, dairy cattle, poultry and other animal producers worldwide.  For more information, visit the JBS United website.

About PrairiE Systems

PrairiE Systems was formed to meet the ever-increasing need for computers and technology in today’s livestock industry. In addition to the development of productivity enhancing software and systems for producers, the company also offers complete information technology services, including consulting and 24-hour technical support.  For more information, visit the PrairiE Systems websites at www.PrairiESystems.net and www.FeedAllocationSystem.com.