Jan-Oct 2010: EU pork exports rise by 14%

27-12-2010 | | |

The European Union’s pork exports have grown by almost 14% in the first ten months of 2010, according to the latest European Commission statistics.

The whole year now promises to yield excellent figures. In 2009, the EU exported approximately 7% less than the previous year.

Russia is the EU’s biggest trade partner with 31.4% of the total exports. Including October, the country imported 692,092 tonnes of pork in 2010, which equals a 12% rise. Hong Kong, Japan and China follow as second, third and fourth largest importer from the EU respectively.
Exports to Hong Kong have grown by 5% to 334,245 tonnes. Japan’s imports from the EU grew by 8.5% to 186,806 tonnes. China’s imports from the EU grew by 7.6% to 167,481 tonnes.
Exports to Belarus can be called remarkable. The country imported 189% more pork from the EU in comparison to 2009. In total, the country imported 56,990 tonnes of EU pork in the first ten months of 2010, which is 1,700 tonnes more than in the whole of 2008. Last year, only 28,369 tonnes were imported from the EU.
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