Ireland: Sow housing deadline postponed

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Ireland: Sow housing deadline postponed
Ireland: Sow housing deadline postponed

Some pig farmers are having trouble with getting planning permission for new sow housing, this has led to the application deadline for funding under the Sow Welfare Scheme to be postponed.

Simon Coveney, Ireland’s, Minister of Agriculture has stated that the deadline for applications under the revised TAMS Sow Welfare Scheme has been postponed to 2 April this year. He stated this is the final extension,  which  aims to assist the small amount of pig producers who are having problems with planning permissions.


The minister has stated that the this move is not an extension for compliance, and said that it is a crime to not comply with the sow housing legislation, which took effect on 1 January 2013.

The deadline was first extended to 31 January.


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